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Android Spread Betting Apps

Android Spread Betting Apps

The GFT Markets' "DealBook® for Android app" will also scale to fit most tablets and is additionally available for the Kindle Fire.

This complements other bespoke GFT applications, such as the GFT iPhone® app and the GFT iPad® app.

Readers should note that a universal version of the mobile platform can also be supported on any internet enabled handset.

GFT Android Trading App

Spread Betting Companies with an Android App

As you might expect, most of the larger firms now offer Android Apps:

Spread Betting Account

Financial Spreads ETX Capital Spreadex IG Index City Index
iPhone App Financial Spreads iPhone App? ETX Capital iPhone App? Spreadex iPhone App? IG Index iPhone App? City Index iPhone App?
iPad App Financial Spreads iPad App? ETX Capital iPad App? Spreadex iPad App? IG Index iPad App? City Index iPad App?
Android Apps Financial Spreads Android Apps? ETX Capital Android Apps? Spreadex Android Apps? IG Index Android Apps? City Index Android Apps?
The above apps may also be available with other companies. Also see Comparison Table Notes.

GFT Android Trading App

The new Android app allows clients to:
  • Trade the full range of 3,200+ spread betting and CFD markets
  • Place and edit orders
  • Set SMS and e-mail price alerts
  • Monitor their P&L
  • Use a full range of charting options
  • Overlay key technical indicators
  • Access live markets news
  • View a range of text and video-based resources
  • Get 24hr support by phone, e-mail or live text chat

All of GFT Markets clients can log into DealBook® for Android simply by using their existing account details and password.

About GFT DealBook® for Android

  • The user interface has been designed for the smartphone but is accessible on any Android enabled tablet device
  • The DealBook® for Android app was designed for Android 3.0 although the minimum OS compatibility is Android 2.1
  • The application currently supports English and Japanese language versions

User Questions and Answers on Android Apps

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