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In 2009, financial spread betting provider City Index introduced its first spread betting and CFD trading iPhone app. Back then, no one knew if mobile trading would be embraced by the spread betting community, or seen as just another fad.

Since then, the company has been named 'Best Mobile Trading Platform' at numerous awards and the application has been downloaded thousands of times.

City Index Spread Betting Apps In addition to actual trading, iPhone spread betting apps also facilitate market analysis, allowing you to keep up-to-date with price movements, charting and financial news in your spare moments.

This kind of research is at the heart of both technical analysis and fundamental analysis in financial spread betting, and can go some way to ensuring your trading is based on analysis rather than instinct.

iPhone Spread Betting - Trading Styles

Along with the additional freedom and opportunities that iPhone spread betting has introduced, it has also created a need for some traders to adapt their spread betting styles accordingly.

Market Strategist Joshua Raymond commented: "The concept behind mobile dealing is to increase your potential to access prices whenever you want. The disadvantage could be that the more you look at prices moving, the higher is the potential for you to make impulse trades without proper research and analysis."

This makes careful market analysis and a thorough spread betting strategy at least as vital - if not even more so - to iPhone spread betting as it is to any other form of financial trading.

iPhone Spread Betting Apps

Of course as of 2015 most of the large firms of spread betting apps for the iPhone:

Spread Betting Account

Financial Spreads ETX Capital Spreadex IG Index City Index
iPhone App Financial Spreads iPhone App? ETX Capital iPhone App? Spreadex iPhone App? IG Index iPhone App? City Index iPhone App?
iPad App Financial Spreads iPad App? ETX Capital iPad App? Spreadex iPad App? IG Index iPad App? City Index iPad App?
Android Apps Financial Spreads Android Apps? ETX Capital Android Apps? Spreadex Android Apps? IG Index Android Apps? City Index Android Apps?
The above apps may also be available with other companies. Also see Comparison Table Notes.

Mobile Apps with Financial Spreads

Below, screenshots from the Financial Spreads iPhone app :

Live Markets: The Charts: Account History:
Spread Betting Markets on the iPhone Spread Betting Charts on the iPhone Spread Betting Account History on the iPhone

Spreadex iPhone Spread Betting
Spreadex has expanded its product range with the launch of a spread betting iPhone app.

Developed completely in-house, the app has been designed to be super-fast, ultra-secure and simple-to-use and is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

The app, which is free to download from the app store, allows users to open, close and edit financial positions, set orders to open, use the company’s charting facilities and manage their account on the move.

Spreadex iPhone Spread Betting

UK Spreadex Marketing Communications Manager Andy MacKenzie said: “There are many financial spread betting apps on the market, but we’ve taken time to make sure our app operates smoothly and safely and is as straightforward as possible for traders to use.

“The recent market volatility has highlighted how important it is for financial spread bettors to be in control of their trading wherever they are and this app allows Spreadex clients to manage their account from their phone while on the go.”

The spread betting app is also fully customisable allowing users to create their own watchlists or shortcuts to key financial markets they have an interest in.

For those keen on day trading or share trading, the app allows clients to view market movements on the day in either percentage or points terms.

User Questions and Answers on iPhone Spread Betting Apps

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