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SpreadBets.org.uk Privacy Policy

SpreadBets.org.uk Privacy Policy

  1. Privacy Policy

    1. SpreadBets.org.uk has made a commitment to protect your privacy. We will only use information collected about you and your usage of this website in accordance with the Data Protection Act (DPA) 1998 and European Electronic Commerce and Communication Directives.

    2. We collate user data to help us understand your requirements and preferences in order to offer you with an up to date and efficient service.

    3. We may ask you to submit personal data to SpreadBets.org.uk, eg your contact details; name, email and address, to help us to provide you with the services available on the site. This data is kept securely in accordance with our security policy. This data may be used, stored and/or processed in order to improve the function, administration and development of SpreadBets.org.uk. It may also be used for marketing, advertising and promotional purposes however that will only be where that is allowed under the DPA 1998.

  2. Privacy Policy - Cookies

    1. In order to improve our service we use a data recording element called a 'cookie'. A Cookie is a means by which data about your web-based activity is recorded (eg whether you have been to this site before or not). We use this data to help us improve the website and the services available.

    2. If you do not want us to use cookies to collate such data please alter your web browser settings so that your web browser does not accept cookies.

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