Spread Betting Comparison Table Notes

Spread Betting
Spread Betting Comparison Table Notes

Spread Betting Comparison Table Notes

Important Spread Betting Comparison Notes / Company Markets Comments
  1. New Accounts with spread betting companies are subject to Status, Suitability and Identity checks

  2. Spread Betting New Account Offers are subject to Status, Terms and Conditions

  3. Credit Accounts are subject to proof of liquid funds and terms and conditions. Such terms and conditions will vary from firm to firm. If Credit Accounts are not available, that means only Deposit Accounts are offered by the firm in question

  4. 24 hour trading refers to trading hours of "late on Sunday night to Friday evening". Trading hours are also subject to public holidays and will vary from firm to firm. Note that not all markets will be available for 24 hour trading, eg the FTSE 100 Index 'After Hours' trading may close at 21.00 UK Time but some FX Majors will still be available.

  5. The data on this site, including the comparison tables, is subject to change without notice or warning and given without warranty. Also see our website terms and conditions.

  6. Last update of spread betting services and market data:

    • Capital Spreads, 11 August 2014
    • City Index, 11 August 2014
    • CMC Markets, 11 August 2014
    • Financial Spreads, 11 August 2014
    • GFT, 11 August 2014
    • IG, 11 August 2014
    • InterTrader, 11 August 2014
    • Paddy Power Trader, 4 March 2010
    • PartyMarkets, 21 January 2009
    • ProSpreads, 9 November 2009
    • SpreadCo, 22 March 2010
    • Spreadex, 11 August 2014
    • ShortsandLongs, 2 November 2009
    • TD Waterhouse, 26 August 2009
    • Tradefair, 11 August 2014

  7. 'FSA Authorised and Regulated?’ refers to whether the firm is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Services Authority

  8. Selection represents that the company authorised and regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission

  9. Selection represents that whilst no daily market is available the futures spread is often similar or tighter than the daily spread quoted by other firms

  10. Selection represents that a ‘Selection’ of markets are available eg a spread betting company may offer a ‘Selection’ of markets on companies listed in the S&P 500 but not necessarily a market on every company listed in the S&P 500

  11. Market availably is subject to change without notice

  12. For full details, always check with the relevant spread betting company's 'product information pages'

  13. Information disclaimer, also see: Terms and Conditions

  14. This website, and the comparison tables on it, are not meant to be inclusive - spread betting services may also available with other companies

User Questions and Answers on the Comparison Tables

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