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Spread Betting Market Update: 1 March 2018

A quick look at the markets:

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What We Do On SpreadBets.org.uk

We have worked in the industry for a long long time.

On SpreadBets.org.uk we aim to take an honest, and helpful, look at how spread betting can work for you. We also take a look at where it can hurt you. And it really can hurt.

We’ll do our best to cover:

  • Tips, tips and more tips. We’re not licenced to give investment advice or particular buy and sell recommendations. But we do try to point out the main pitfalls of trading. School boy risk management is where most traders lose their money.

  • Spread betting offers and sensible rebates. There are some useful offers and rebates out there, particularly for high frequency traders and those who trade with large stakes. We’ll try not to cover any offers where the Terms and Conditions make the offer / bonus pointless.

  • Simple worked examples for the major spread betting markets such as stock market indices, (FTSE 100, Dow Jones etc), forex (EUR/USD, GBP,USD etc), commodities (crude oil, gold etc.) and individual shares.

  • “How To” guides for important trading features like Stop Loss orders, Limit (Take Profit) orders, Trailing Stops etc.

  • FAQs on where to get where to get free trading tools like charts (everywhere), live prices (everywhere), Autochartist (trickier), LiveSquawk (trickier) etc.

  • Reviews of the spread betting companies. If you have something good or bad to say about the firms, please add a constructive comment.

An Honest Spread Betting Site?

We’ll try to cover all topics with a modicum of honesty.

E.g. around 80% of spread bettors lose.

To get into the 20% crowd, you don’t need luck. You do need to cut out all the basic mistakes, you also need to work hard and you need some serious discipline.

You also need knowledge of the market(s) you’re trading and quite a lot more, including money.

Don’t trade if you can’t afford to lose.

Spread betting, CFDs and forex are high risk products. If you don’t know what you are doing, don’t trade.

Also, under the heading of ‘honest’ please just assume we have commercial relationships with any firm / website listed on this site. We try to write honest reviews but we may also be unknowingly biased.

If you have any question, or suggestions, please do contact us.

Good Luck with your trading.

James White

Compare the Spread Betting Platforms

Financial Spreads ETX Capital Spreadex IG City Index
New Account Offer Financial Spreads Spread Betting Account Offer? ETX Capital Spread Betting Account Offer? Spreadex Spread Betting Account Offer? IG Spread Betting Account Offer? City Index Spread Betting Account Offer?
iPhone App Financial Spreads iPhone App? ETX Capital iPhone App? Spreadex iPhone App? IG iPhone App? City Index iPhone App?
iPad App Financial Spreads iPad App? ETX Capital iPad App? Spreadex iPad App? IG iPad App? City Index iPad App?
Android Apps Financial Spreads Android Apps? ETX Capital Android Apps? Spreadex Android Apps? IG Android Apps? City Index Android Apps?
Candlestick Charts Financial Spreads Candlestick Charts? ETX Capital Candlestick Charts? Spreadex Candlestick Charts? IG Candlestick Charts? City Index Candlestick Charts?
Credit Accounts Available Financial Spreads Credit Accounts Available? ETX Capital Credit Accounts Available? Spreadex Credit Accounts Available? IG Credit Accounts Available? City Index Credit Accounts Available?
Deposit Accounts Available Financial Spreads Deposit Accounts? ETX Capital Deposit Accounts? Spreadex Deposit Accounts? IG Deposit Accounts? City Index Deposit Accounts?
Stop Loss Available Spread Betting Stop Loss with Financial Spreads? Spread Betting Stop Loss with ETX Capital? Spread Betting Stop Loss with Spreadex? Spread Betting Stop Loss with IG? Spread Betting Stop Loss with City Index?
Stop Loss (Automatic) Financial Spreads - Automatic Stop Losses? ETX Capital - Automatic Stop Losses? Spreadex - Automatic Stop Losses? IG - Automatic Stop Losses? City Index - Automatic Stop Losses?
24 Hour Trading Financial Spreads 24 Hour Trading? ETX Capital 24 Hour Trading? Spreadex 24 Hour Trading? IG 24 Hour Trading? City Index 24 Hour Trading?
FCA Authorised and Regulated Financial Spreads - Regulated? ETX Capital - Regulated? Spreadex - Regulated? IG - Regulated? City Index - Regulated?
The above spread betting services / markets may also be available with other companies. Also see Comparison Table Notes.

Spread Betting Comparison – for a full spread betting comparison between some of the industry’s leading companies see: Compare Spread Betting Companies.

Spread Betting Company Reviews

Financial Spreads Review Financial Spreads Review
Financial Spreads offer tax free* spread betting on numerous markets. With an account you can trade 24 hours a day and commission free on forex, commodities, indices…read review.
City Index Review City Index Review
With a City Index Account you can access the spread betting and CFD markets. You can trade thousands of markets with flexible trading orders and …read review.
ETX Capital Review ETX Capital Review
ETX Capital offer spread betting and CFDs on thousands of markets. As well as 24 hour trading, charts and iPhone trading, they offer one-click trading, small stakes and…read review.
InterTrader Review InterTrader Review
InterTrader offer spread betting and CFD trading from one account and with no brokers’ fees. They also offer 3000+ markets, 24 hour trading, advanced charts, technical analysis, heatmaps…read review.
Spreadex Review Spreadex Review
Spreadex provides tax free* trading on a wide variety of markets. They let you trade commission free on indices, currencies, commodities, shares…read review.
For more spreads firms also see Spread Betting Companies.

Individual Market Guides

We also have interesting individual guides on markets like Bitcoin and the Volatility Index.

Likewise, we cover 100s of key stocks such as Alibaba, Apple, Google and Twitter.

And take a look at which firms offer iPhone, iPad and Android trading apps.

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