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Financial Spreads has a pretty similar platform to the old Capital Spreads platform.

If you are looking for a new spread betting account see spread betting company comparison.

Capital Spreads
Capital Spreads is a UK regulated spread betting and CFD company offering more than 2,500 global markets.

With Capital Spreads investors can trade popular markets such as the FTSE 100, Dow, DAX 30, euro/dollar, pound/dollar, gold and crude oil 24 hours a day from Sunday evening all the way through to Friday evening.

The spread betting and CFD markets are both commission-free and free of any brokers’ fees.

Capital Spreads Platform

Capital Spreads Review

The primary cost with financial spread betting is the ‘spread’ itself, i.e. the difference between the buy price and the sell price. The wider the spread, the more it costs to trade.

When it comes to spread betting, Capital Spreads offers some of the tightest spreads in the market making it easier for investors to trade profitably.

For example, the spread on shares in the FTSE 100 is just 0.1%, i.e. just 0.05% per side of the underlying market. For more details on key markets like euro/dollar, pound/dollar, the FTSE 100 index, gold etc see Capital Spreads Markets.

Capital Spreads Account

Looking at a Capital Spreads account in more detail, they offer:

  • Thousand of Global Markets: Investors can take positions on more than 2,500 different markets, including forex, stock market indices, commodities and treasuries. As well as hundreds of UK shares there is also a wide array of global shares on offer including shares listed in America, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, India, South Africa and a number of other countries.

  • Professional Level Charts: Like most firms in the industry Capital Spreads provides clients with live charts. The latest upgrade to their charts has ensured that all clients get free access to their new professional-level charting package complete with Back-Testing and Price Alert functionality.

  • Low Margins: The ‘Margin’ is the amount of money an investor needs in their account in order to place a spread bet. Capital Spreads offer low margins which means that investors only need to deposit a small percentage of the total value of a spread bet before taking a new position. For example, investors need only deposit £30 to open £1 trade on the popular FTSE 100 Rolling Daily market.

  • Small Stakes: Investors can trade from as little as £1 per point.

  • Risk Management: In order to help with risk management, a Stop Loss is automatically applied to every new trade. This gives an investor a level of protection when the market moves against them. Note however, in the event of a ‘market gap’ a Stop Loss order may not be filled at the level requested. It could be filled at the next traded price. Having said that, investors can choose to add a Guaranteed Stop Loss order to their trade in order to set a fixed limit to their losses.

  • Free Trading Tools: Clients can access a range of independent technical analysis tools such as heat maps, trading models, analysis on support and resistance levels, as well as daily market commentary.

  • Demo Trading Account: For the investors who are new to spread betting, or just interested in testing the Capital Spreads platform, note that the company also offers a free demo account. The demo spread betting account lets investors familiarise themselves with the trading platform, the orders, the charts etc without risking any capital.

  • Education and Seminars: It is often useful to hear things from a different perspective and/or from those ‘in the know’. Capital Spreads offer free monthly seminars covering a range of trading topics, as well as an array of online learning tools.
Sample Capital Spreads chart:

Capital Spreads Charts

Capital Spreads Mobile Trading

The Capital Spreads iPhone and Android spread betting platforms has been optimised for both the iPhone and Android based smartphones.

The software has been designed to give investors the same level of flexibility as the current online platform. This means that clients can:

  • Review the live prices / latest market movements

  • Open and close trades

  • Check the charts

  • Apply and/or update trading orders such as: Guaranteed Stops, Stops, Limits, OCO and If Done orders

Capital Spreads CFD Trading

In addition to spread betting, investors can also trade contracts for difference (CFDs) on equities, stock markets, forex and commodities.

CFD trading offers an alternative to more traditional share trading. Like financial spread betting, with CFDs an investor does not own the underlying market and they do not put up the full value of the market that they are buying or selling.

The main costs with CFD trading are normally the ‘commission’ and the ‘spread’. Therefore it will cost more to trade with high commission levels and wide spreads.

Capital Spreads Mobile Trading
Investors should note that CFD trading with Capital Spreads is commission-free and that the company also offer some of the tightest spreads in the market. As an example, the spread on FTSE 100 shares is only 0.05% per side of the underlying market.

CFD trading investors can also benefit from:

  • Low minimum margins
  • Trading an exact quantity of shares or lot sizes
  • No stamp duty*

Capital Spreads Spread Betting Account

A quick look at the typical account / services offered by Capital Spreads:

Capital Spreads Account

Capital Spreads
iPhone App Capital Spreads - iPhone App
iPad App Capital Spreads - iPad App
Android Apps Capital Spreads - Android Apps
Candlestick Charts Capital Spreads - Candlestick Charts
Stop Loss Available Capital Spreads - Stop Loss Available
Automatic Stop Loss Capital Spreads - Automatic Stop Loss
Online Application Capital Spreads - Online Application
Deposit Account Capital Spreads - Deposit Account
Account Offer Capital Spreads - Account Offer
FCA Authorised and Regulated Capital Spreads - FCA Authorised and Regulated?
The above spread betting services may also be available with other companies.
Also see Comparison Table Notes.

Capital Spreads Markets

A quick look at some of the key markets offered by Capital Spreads:

Capital Spreads Markets

Capital Spreads
FTSE 100 Daily Capital Spreads - FTSE 100 Daily
Dow Jones (Wall Street) Daily Capital Spreads - Dow Jones (Wall Street) Daily
More Stock Market Indices Capital Spreads - More Index Markets
EUR/USD Daily Capital Spreads - EUR/USD Daily
GBP/USD Daily Capital Spreads - GBP/USD Daily
More Forex Markets Capital Spreads - More Forex Markets
Gold Future Capital Spreads - Gold Future
Crude Oil Future Capital Spreads - Crude Oil Future
More Commodities Capital Spreads - More Commodities
Bonds and Interest Rates Capital Spreads - Bonds and Interest Rates
The above spread betting markets may also be available with other companies.
Also see Comparison Table Notes.

For more information on the spread trading available see: Capital Spreads Markets.

About Capital Spreads

Capital Spreads - Spread Betting
You get all the normal benefits of spread betting, CFD trading and more. According to Capital Spreads:

“At Capital Spreads, we keep our spreads permanently tight to give you more room for profit, we believe our spreads are far better value than our competitors thus giving you more opportunity to win.

“We have built our business with the sole purpose of introducing competitive pricing and a customer friendly trading environment.

“With a Capital Spreads account investors can speculate across many financial products. We offer markets on UK, US and European equities, indices, commodities, forex and treasuries.

“As well as competitive pricing, clients benefit from a limited margin policy, where they are required to deposit only the maximum value of their Stop Loss order (plus 20%). This means clients do not tie up large sums of money in order to fund their spread betting account.

“Our unique account management system ensures that you can trade with confidence in the knowledge that all your positions are protected by an automated Stop Loss facility. This can help to limit the risk on your spread betting account (Stop Losses are not guaranteed). This client protection policy underlines everything that makes us the obvious choice for beginners and professionals alike. We are truly concerned that every trade you enter into with Capital Spreads is as stress and error free as possible.

“We are committed to quoting amongst the best prices in the industry and feel certain that this, coupled with our customer service policy, will keep investors coming back for more.

“Our customers are our most valuable asset and consequently we want their experience with us to be as harmonious as possible.”

Capital Spreads is a trading name of London Capital Group Holdings plc, an AIM listed Financial Services organisation. London Capital Group Holdings plc is regulated and authorised by the Financial Services Authority.

Contact Capital Spreads
Phone: +44 (0) 207 456 7020
Address: 77 Grosvenor Street, Mayfair, London, W1K 3JR

Capital Spreads Account

Apply for a Capital Spreads Account

Spread betting, FX and CFD trading carries a high level of risk to your capital and you can lose more than your initial deposit. These trading products may not be suitable for all investors so seek independent advice.

Capital Spreads is a trading name of London Capital Group Ltd (LCG). LCG is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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