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City Index

City Index offers financial spread bets on thousands of global markets including European, US and Asian shares, stock market indices, forex and commodities.

According to the City Index website, they aim to give clients “access to fair and transparent prices, innovative trading technology, and great customer support”.
City Index

City Index state that their trading platform “provides a range of sophisticated trading tools and a wide variety of information to help you make the most of market movements”.

City Index

City Index Trading Platform

  • Multi Asset Platform – Choose between spread bets and CFDs

  • Streaming Tradable Prices – Trade the latest price movements in real-time

  • Firm “Our Size” Quotes – City Index will deal at their quoted level up to the maximum “Our size” price. This offers clients execution certainty for trades within that size

  • Price Tracking of the Underlying Instruments – Prices follow those of the underlying financial instrument. This means your trade, win or lose, will give you the result you expect

  • Risk Management Tools – There is a wide range of order types such as Stop Loss, Linked and Contingent Orders. These allow for sophisticated risk management

  • Comprehensive Research and Charts:

    • Log on for real time prices and market data. The professional charting package includes a range of indicators to aid your technical analysis

    • Less experienced technical traders benefit from a simple interface with clear and relevant information

    • More advanced traders may also wish to use the data archive that stretches back to 1994. The interactive charting tool lets you quickly annotate charts, display price and volume data in a range of formats. In addition, you can also overlay indicators and patterns with a single click.

  • Market News – via a City Index account you have real time access to a variety of news sources:

    • Dow Jones Newswire – general financial news and analysis, covering price movements, announcements on individual stocks and comments on global markets

    • Thompson Financial – regulatory news, giving details of disclosures and statement activity from listed companies

    • London Stock Exchange’s Regulatory News Service (RNS) headlines – the regulatory and financial news channel used by companies to communicate with professional investors. This provides you with instant access to the very latest company announcements

City Index Charts

City Index Mobile Trading

The award winning City Index mobile trading platform, City Trading, has won numerous awards including:
City Index Mobile Trading
  • Money AM ‘Best Mobile Trading Platform’, 2010 and 2011
  • Shares Magazine ‘Best Online Trading App’ 2010 and 2011
  • Financial Times and Investors Chronicle Award for ‘Innovation of the Year (Mobile)’ 2010
The City Index mobile phone app is available for the iPhone as well as BlackBerry and Android based platforms.

Using the mobile phone app investors can:
  • Open and close trades
  • Check real-time charts
  • Add and change trading orders
  • View and amend Watch-lists
  • Review their trading history

MetaTrader 4 with City Index

In addition to the City Index financial spread betting, CFD and forex account options, investors can apply for a City Index MT4 Forex Trading Account.

MetaTrader 4 is often referred to as the ‘benchmark retail forex trading platform’. MT4 has multiple features:

  • Expert Advisors (EAs), these let you download and explore automated trading strategies
  • The ability to create your own Automated Trading System
  • A range of custom indicators which analyse price moves / trends and then generate trading signals in real-time
  • One-click dealing
  • A powerful charting package
In addition to the normal MT4 platform that you might be familiar with, City Index have added a few additional tools to their version:

  • Customisable Leverage: Customise your leverage for each forex pair to suit your trading strategy, up to 400:1

  • Price Tolerance: Price Tolerance helps you control your slippage by letting you nominate the amount of points you are prepared to accept if the market slips during times of high volatility (you can select zero slippage with the Price Tolerance). City Index can also execute your trades at better levels if prices move in your favour

  • Access to All City Index Trading Platforms: Unlike other firms who might limit your MetaTrader 4 access to one platform, the City Index MT4 account lets you to access City’s full range of desktop trading platforms as well as their mobile and tablet apps

City Index Spread Betting Account

A quick review looking at the typical account / services offered by City Index:

City Index Account

City Index
iPhone App City Index - iPhone App
iPad App City Index - iPad App
Android Apps City Index - Android Apps
Candlestick Charts City Index - Candlestick Charts
Stop Loss Available City Index - Stop Loss Available
Automatic Stop Loss City Index - Automatic Stop Loss
Online Application City Index - Online Application
Deposit Account City Index - Deposit Account
Account Offer City Index - Account Offer
FCA Authorised and Regulated City Index - FCA Authorised and Regulated?
The above spread betting services may also be available with other companies.
Also see Comparison Table Notes.

City Index Markets

A quick review looking at some of the most popular financial spread betting markets offered by City Index:

City Index offers spread betting on the following markets:

City Index – Stock Market Indices

City Index
FTSE 100 Daily City Index - FTSE Daily
FTSE 100 Future City Index - FTSE Future
Wall Street (Dow) Daily City Index - Wall Street Daily
Wall Street (Dow) Future City Index - Wall Street Future
DAX 30 Daily City Index - DAX 30 Daily
DAX 30 Future City Index - DAX 30 Future
S+P 500 Daily City Index - S+P 500 Daily
S+P 500 Future City Index - S+P 500 Future
Other Indices City Index - More Index Markets
The above spread betting markets may also be available with other companies.
Also see Comparison Table Notes.

City Index also offers spread betting on other stock market indices including: France 30, Italy 40, Switzerland 20, EU Stocks 50, Spain 35, Poland 20, Netherlands 25.

City Index – Forex Markets

City Index
Euro/Sterling Daily City Index - Euro/Sterling Daily
Euro/Dollar Daily City Index - Euro/Dollar Daily
Sterling/Euro Daily City Index - Sterling/Euro Daily
Sterling/Dollar Daily City Index - Sterling/Dollar Daily
Dollar/Yen Daily City Index - Dollar/Yen Daily
Other Forex City Index - More Forex Markets
The above spread betting markets may also be available with other companies.
Also see Comparison Table Notes.

City Index also offers currency spreads on other pairs including: AUD-JPY, AUD-USD, CAD-JPY, CAD-USD, CHF-JPY, USD-SEK, GBP-CHF, GBP-JPY, GBP-NZD, USD-MXN, EUR-MXN, EUR-PLN, GBP-NOK, GBP-ZAR, SGD-HKD, USD-DKK.

City Index – Shares Markets

City Index
FTSE 100 Shares City Index - FTSE 100 Shares
FTSE 250 Shares City Index - FTSE 250 Shares
Wall Street (Dow Jones) Shares City Index - Dow Jones Shares
S&P 500 Shares City Index - S+P 500 Shares
NASDAQ 100 Shares City Index - NASDAQ 100 Shares
DAX 30 Shares City Index - DAX 30 Shares
CAC 40 Shares City Index - CAC 40 Shares
Irish Shares City Index - Irish Shares
Other Shares City Index - Other Shares
The above spread betting markets may also be available with other companies.
Also see Comparison Table Notes.

City Index offers a wide range of equities spread betting markets for the European, North American and Asian Markets.

Note that the range of markets available to trade on “Irish Shares” as well “Other Shares” can vary. Markets may also be limited to companies with large a market capitalisation.

City Index – Commodity Markets

City Index
Gold Daily City Index - Gold Daily
Gold Future City Index - Gold Future
UK Oil Daily City Index - UK Oil Daily
UK Oil Future City Index - UK Oil Future
US Oil Daily City Index - US Oil Daily
US Oil Future City Index - US Oil Future
Other Commodities City Index - More Commodities
The above spread betting markets may also be available with other companies.
Also see Comparison Table Notes.

City Index also offers other commodities markets including:

  • Metals: Copper, Palladium, Platinum, Silver
  • Energies: Gas Oil, Natural Gas, Heating Oil, Carbon Emissions
  • Softs/Grains: Sugar, Coffee, Orange Juice, Cotton, Cocoa, Corn, Oats, Wheat, Soybean Oil

City Index – Interest Rates Markets

City Index
Euribor Future City Index - Euribor Future
Eurodollar Future City Index - Eurodollar Future
Euroswiss Future City Index - Euroswiss Future
Short Sterling Future City Index - Short Sterling Future
The above spread betting markets may also be available with other companies.
Also see Comparison Table Notes.

City Index – Bonds Markets

City Index
Bobl Future City Index - Bobl Future
Bund Future City Index - Bund Future
Gilt Future City Index - Gilt Future
Schatz Future City Index - Schatz Future
US Bonds 10 Year Future City Index - US Bonds 10 Year Future
US Bonds 30 Year Future yes_18x18.png - US Bonds 30 Year Future
The above spread betting markets may also be available with other companies.
Also see Comparison Table Notes.

City Index CFD Trading

Investors can trade CFDs with City Index. A key benefit of the City Index CFD service is that the firm offers more than 12,000 markets.

CFD trading is similar to spread betting in that there is no Stamp Duty* on trades and investors can speculate on a market to rise or fall.

Investors applying for a spread betting account with City Index can apply for a CFD account at the same time.

Also see the’s user comments on City Index.

About City Index

Established in 1983, City Index has grown to become one of the world’s leading providers of spread betting, CFD trading and margined forex.

The group now transacts over 1.5 million trades every month for individual investors in more than over 50 countries.

City Index is part of IPGL a privately owned company with a substantial shareholding in the world’s leading derivatives broker ICAP plc.

Contact City Index
Phone: 0845 355 0801
Address: Park House, 16 Finsbury Circus, London, EC2M 7EB.

City Index Account

Apply for a City Index Account

Spread Betting, CFD Trading and Forex Trading are leveraged products and can result in losses that exceed your deposits. They may not be suitable for everyone. Please ensure you fully understand the risks involved.

City Index is a trading name of GAIN Capital UK Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. FCA Register Number: 113942. VAT number: 524837435.

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