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CMC Markets

CMC Markets, a leading force in the financial spread betting industry, has launched a brand new trading platform. “Our new platform has been designed around a number of important themes for spread bettors: usability, transparency and customisation.”
CMC Markets Platform

CMC Markets Charts and Trading

CMC Markets account holders can now trade on a fully customisable platform which allows clients to:

  • Save enhanced charts
  • Use technical patterns
  • Employ candlestick highlighting functions
  • Develop bespoke drawing tools
  • Create bespoke technical indicators
In addition to this, the CMC Markets iPhone and iPad charting software has seen a significant upgrade with more technical tools, drawing tools and increased data points.

According to CMC Markets, “The apps are the most powerful on market and replicate the high level trading capabilities and usability of the web based platform”.

  Sample CMC Markets chart:

CMC Markets Charts

CMC Markets Platform

The latest platform includes functionality such as:

  • Quick Trading – investors can get quicker access to the markets with direct trading from charts, watchlists and factsheets
  • No Re-quotes
  • No Dealer Intervention – all trades are executed automatically
  • Stop Losses – there are transaction based stop losses to help investors manage their risk on every spread bet
  • Numerous Markets – wide range of markets also see: CMC Markets spread betting
  • 24 Customer Service – there is round the clock customer support straight from the live help section on the platform
  • Customisable Layout – simple and easy to use drag and drop technology which allows you to customise your screen layout
  • Demo Account – there is free, unlimited use of the demo account

CMC Markets iPhone

CMC Markets iPhone Trading
The iPhone spread betting app lets investors trade a huge range of forex, stock indices, commodities and shares. Features on the latest CMC Markets iPhone app include:

  • Trading & Orders – clients can open/close positions and apply a number of trading orders such as Take Profit orders, Stop Loss orders and Trailing Stop Loss orders

  • Charts – clients can review the latest charts

  • Account Management – clients can manage their account in real-time. There is a graphical breakdown of the available cash, a transactions history, the P&L on open trades and more

  • Swipe Login – for quicker and easier logins

  • Watchlists – customisable watchlists

CMC Markets iPad

  • The CMC Markets iPad app provides clients with all the features of the web platform as well as a customisable home screen

  • There are live prices and the trading charts update every 5 seconds

  • The swipe security function allows for faster logins

Put another way, the CMC iPad app gives clients portable access to live markets, the CMC Markets charts (that come with multi-touch charting and technical indicators), a customisable interface and live trading news.

CMC Markets iPad Trading

CMC Markets Spread Betting Account

A quick look at the typical spread betting account / services offered by CMC Markets:

CMC Markets Account

CMC Markets
iPhone App CMC Markets - iPhone App
iPad App CMC Markets - iPad App
Android Apps CMC Markets - Android Apps
Candlestick Charts CMC Markets - Candlestick Charts
Stop Loss Available CMC Markets - Stop Loss Available
Automatic Stop Loss CMC Markets - Automatic Stop Loss
Online Application CMC Markets - Online Application
Deposit Account CMC Markets - Deposit Account
Account Offer CMC Markets - Account Offer
FCA Authorised and Regulated CMC Markets - FCA Authorised and Regulated?
The above spread betting services may also be available with other companies.
Also see Comparison Table Notes.

CMC Markets – Spread Betting Markets

A quick look at the typical account / services offered by CMC Markets:

CMC Markets – Stock Market Indices

CMC Markets
FTSE 100 Daily CMC Markets - FTSE Daily
FTSE 100 Future CMC Markets - FTSE Future
Wall Street (Dow) Daily CMC Markets - Wall Street Daily
Wall Street (Dow) Future CMC Markets - Wall Street Future
DAX 30 Daily CMC Markets - DAX 30 Daily
DAX 30 Future CMC Markets - DAX 30 Future
S+P 500 Daily CMC Markets - S+P 500 Daily
S+P 500 Future CMC Markets - S+P 500 Future
Other Indices CMC Markets - More Index Markets
The above spread betting markets may also be available with other companies.
Also see Comparison Table Notes.

CMC Markets also offers Index Spreads on other markets including:

  • European Indices: Austrian 20, Dutch 25, Eurostoxx 50, German Mid Cap 50, Irish 60, Italian 40, Norway 75, Spanish 35, Sweden 30 and Swiss 30.
  • Non-European Indices: Australia 200, Hong Kong Hang Seng, India 50, Korean 200, Singapore, South Africa 40, Toronto 60 and US Russ 2000.

CMC Markets – Forex Markets

CMC Markets
Euro/Sterling Daily CMC Markets - Euro/Sterling Daily
Euro/Dollar Daily CMC Markets - Euro/Dollar Daily
Sterling/Euro Daily CMC Markets - Sterling/Euro Daily
Sterling/Dollar Daily CMC Markets - Sterling/Dollar Daily
Dollar/Yen Daily CMC Markets - Dollar/Yen Daily
Other Forex CMC Markets - More Forex Markets
The above spread betting markets may also be available with other companies.
Also see Comparison Table Notes.

You can trade many other currency markets including: AUD-USD, CHF-JPY, EUR-CHF, EUR-JPY, GBP-CHF, GBP-JPY, NZD-USD, USD-CAD, USD-CHF.

CMC Markets – Shares Markets

CMC Markets
FTSE 100 Shares CMC Markets - FTSE 100 Shares
FTSE 250 Shares CMC Markets - FTSE 250 Shares
Wall Street (Dow Jones) Shares CMC Markets - Dow Jones Shares
S&P 500 Shares CMC Markets - S+P 500 Shares
NASDAQ 100 Shares CMC Markets - NASDAQ 100 Shares
DAX 30 Shares CMC Markets - DAX 30 Shares
CAC 40 Shares CMC Markets - CAC 40 Shares
Irish Shares CMC Markets - Irish Shares
Other Shares CMC Markets - Other Shares
The above spread betting markets may also be available with other companies.
Also see Comparison Table Notes.

CMC Markets offers Shares Spreads on a range of other markets including:
  • European Shares: Austrian, Danish Dutch, Finnish Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Swiss and Spanish Shares
  • Rest of the World Shares: Canadian, Egyptian, Japanese, Russian , Singapore South American, South African Shares

CMC Markets – Commodity Markets

CMC Markets
Gold Daily CMC Markets - Gold Daily
Gold Future CMC Markets - Gold Future
UK Oil Daily CMC Markets - UK Oil Daily
UK Oil Future CMC Markets - UK Oil Future
US Oil Daily CMC Markets - US Oil Daily
US Oil Future CMC Markets - US Oil Future
Other Commodities CMC Markets - More Commodities
The above spread betting markets may also be available with other companies.
Also see Comparison Table Notes.

CMC Markets also offers commodities spreads on other markets including:
  • Energies Markets: Carbon Emissions, Gasoline, Heating Oil and Natural Gas
  • Metals Markets: Copper, Platinum Palladium and Silver
  • Softs Markets: Coffee, Corn, Cotton, Feeder Cattle, Lean Hogs, Live Cattle, Lumber, Oats, Orange Juice, Pork Bellies, Rough Rice, Soy Bean, Soymeal, Soy Bean Oil, Sugar and US Wheat

CMC Markets – Interest Rates Markets

CMC Markets
Euribor Future CMC Markets - Euribor Future
Eurodollar Future CMC Markets - Eurodollar Future
Euroswiss Future CMC Markets - Euroswiss Future
Short Sterling Future CMC Markets - Short Sterling Future
The above spread betting markets may also be available with other companies.
Also see Comparison Table Notes.

CMC Markets – Bonds Markets

CMC Markets
Bobl Future CMC Markets - Bobl Future
Bund Future CMC Markets - Bund Future
Gilt Future CMC Markets - Gilt Future
Schatz Future CMC Markets - Schatz Future
US Bonds 10 Year Future CMC Markets - US Bonds 10 Year Future
US Bonds 30 Year Future yes_18x18.png - US Bonds 30 Year Future
The above spread betting markets may also be available with other companies.
Also see Comparison Table Notes.

Further bond markets are also available from CMC Markets including 10 Year Canadian Bonds, 10 Year Australian Bonds and 10 Year Japanese Bonds.

CMC Markets Review

Here’s what they say, “At CMC Markets, we like to stand out from the crowd which is why we constantly change, constantly challenge and constantly innovate.

We believe in being honest with our customers, providing a transparent service right from the start and keeping our customers’ needs at the forefront of everything we do.

Our passion for spread betting and our mission to create new and fresh ways to serve our customers better provides the inspiration for our product development.

We have introduced a unique pricing engine which means that all trades are executed automatically with no dealer intervention and, best of all, no re-quotes. This new pricing system is also the driving force behind our new cash commodity prices, making commodities a more accessible market for all types of traders.

Responsible trading is an integral part of our vision at CMC Markets. Our customers can financial spread bet with confidence because we believe in developing our business within the confines of a rigorous code of ethics and responsible business practice. Our new risk management tool, the transaction based stop loss, is just one of the new initiatives driven by this belief.

Please remember that financial spread betting on a live account may result in losses that exceed your initial deposit so ensure you understand the risks involved.

Don’t just take our word for it. Try our new demo account today and experience the next generation of spread betting with CMC Markets.”

CMC Markets is a leading global provider of spread betting, forex and CFD trading.

Founded in 1989, the company now services more than 75,000 clients worldwide. In 2010 CMC Markets clients placed a total of 26 million trades.

Contact CMC Markets
Phone: +44 (0)20 7170 8200
Address: 133 Houndsditch, London, EC3A 7BX.

CMC Markets Account

Apply for a CMC Markets Account

Spread bets and Contracts for Difference (“CFDs”) are leveraged products and carry a high level of risk to your capital as prices may move rapidly against you. Losses can exceed your deposits and you may be required to make further payments. These products may not be suitable for all clients therefore ensure you understand the risks and seek independent advice.

CMC Markets UK plc (173730) and CMC Spreadbet plc (170627) are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom.

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