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Losses can exceed deposits

ETX Capital

ETX Capital provides investors with tight dealing spreads and some of the smallest margin requirements in the industry.

The intuitive ETX Capital trading platform comes with one-click trading and advanced charts.

ETX clients can trade across thousands of instruments from a single account and with stakes from £0.50 per point. As well as shares, forex, commodities and indices the company also lets clients take positions on ETFs, bonds, interest rates and options.

ETX Capital Trading

ETX Capital

ETX Capital Spread Betting

The multi-million pound ETX Capital platform has set new standards for its speed and intuitive user-friendly design.

With spread betting and CFDs, trading speed can make all the difference and ETX Capital believe their platform has the accuracy and speed needed to give investors a competitive edge.
The ETX Capital platform lets investors trade with:

  • One-click trading

  • Tight spreads and high leverage

  • An array of automated trading orders such as Stops, Guaranteed Stops, Limits, Good For Day (GFD), Good Till Cancelled (GTC), One Cancels the Other (OCO) and If-Done orders

  • A reliable platform

  • 24 hour customer support from Sunday evening to Friday evening

Further key benefits of an ETX Capital account include:

  • A wide array of financial instruments: investors can access thousands of global instruments from a single spread betting account

  • Advanced charts: the comprehensive and advanced charting package lets investors monitor the real time movement of ETX Capital prices. Charts are also customisable and come with a wide choice of views. In addition, clients can select from a number of display styles, apply over 70 technical indicators and use chart drawing tools

  • Extra Trading Information: valuable insights into the markets with the ETX daily briefing and global market reports that keep you up-to-date with the latest market talk
  Sample ETX Capital chart:

ETX Capital Charts

ETX Capital Mobile Phone Trading

The iPhone app from ETX Capital was designed to give clients instant access to their account. Clients can:
ETX Capital Mobile Trading

  • Trade quickly using the one-tap trading feature

  • Trade key markets 24 hours a day, Sunday evening to Friday evening

  • Manage their portfolio and quickly create a customised watch-list

  • Manage their risk by applying and updating Stop Loss and Limit orders as well as a number of other trading orders

  • Access real-time charts and apply a number of technical analysis indicators including Moving Averages, Bollinger Bands, Moving Average Convergence Divergence and Stochastics

ETX Capital Award Winning Service

In 2011 ETX Capital won a number of awards including:
  • 2011 Shares Magazine Award for Best Futures & Options Broker

  • Investment Trends Award for “Best Value for Money” based upon a survey of approximately 13,000 investors

ETX Capital Spread Betting Account

A quick review looking at the typical account / services offered by ETX Capital:

ETX Capital Account

ETX Capital
iPhone App ETX Capital - iPhone App
iPad App ETX Capital - iPad App
Android Apps ETX Capital - Android Apps
Candlestick Charts ETX Capital - Candlestick Charts
Stop Loss Available ETX Capital - Stop Loss Available
Automatic Stop Loss ETX Capital - Automatic Stop Loss
Online Application ETX Capital - Online Application
Deposit Account ETX Capital - Deposit Account
Account Offer ETX Capital - Account Offer
FCA Authorised and Regulated ETX Capital - FCA Authorised and Regulated?
The above spread betting services may also be available with other companies.
Also see Comparison Table Notes.

ETX Capital Markets

A quick review looking at some of the key markets offered by ETX Capital:

ETX Capital – Stock Market Indices

ETX Capital
FTSE 100 Daily ETX Capital - FTSE Daily
FTSE 100 Future ETX Capital - FTSE Future
Wall Street (Dow) Daily ETX Capital - Wall Street Daily
Wall Street (Dow) Future ETX Capital - Wall Street Future
DAX 30 Daily ETX Capital - DAX 30 Daily
DAX 30 Future ETX Capital - DAX 30 Future
S+P 500 Daily ETX Capital - S+P 500 Daily
S+P 500 Future ETX Capital - S+P 500 Future
Other Indices ETX Capital - More Index Markets
The above spread betting markets may also be available with other companies.
Also see Comparison Table Notes.

ETX Capital also offers index spread betting on other markets such as Australia 200, Belgium 20, China H Shares, Denmark 20, Euro Stocks 50, CAC 40 Spread Betting, Greece 20, Hong Kong 40, India 50, Italy 40, Nikkei 225, Netherlands 25, Norway 25, Poland 20, R2000, South Africa 40, Spain 35, Sweden 30, Switzerland 20, NASDAQ 100 and the VIX (Volatility Index).

ETX Capital – Forex Markets

ETX Capital
Euro/Sterling Daily ETX Capital - Euro/Sterling Daily
Euro/Dollar Daily ETX Capital - Euro/Dollar Daily
Sterling/Euro Daily ETX Capital - Sterling/Euro Daily
Sterling/Dollar Daily ETX Capital - Sterling/Dollar Daily
Dollar/Yen Daily ETX Capital - Dollar/Yen Daily
Other Forex ETX Capital - More Forex Markets
The above spread betting markets may also be available with other companies.
Also see Comparison Table Notes.

ETX Capital also offers forex spread betting on other markets including AUD/CHF, AUD/JPY, AUD/NZD, AUD/USD, CHF/JPY, EUR/HUF, EUR/NOK, EUR/PLN, GBP/CAD, GBP/JPY, GBP/SGD, USD/HKD, USD/MXN, USD/PLN, USD/SGD and USD/ZAR.

ETX Capital – Shares Markets

ETX Capital
FTSE 100 Shares ETX Capital - FTSE 100 Shares
FTSE 250 Shares ETX Capital - FTSE 250 Shares
Wall Street (Dow Jones) Shares ETX Capital - Dow Jones Shares
S&P 500 Shares ETX Capital - S+P 500 Shares
NASDAQ 100 Shares ETX Capital - NASDAQ 100 Shares
DAX 30 Shares ETX Capital - DAX 30 Shares
CAC 40 Shares ETX Capital - CAC 40 Shares
Irish Shares ETX Capital - Irish Shares
Other Shares ETX Capital - Other Shares
The above spread betting markets may also be available with other companies.
Also see Comparison Table Notes.

ETX Capital also offer shares spread betting on other markets including the Large Caps from Australia, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, South Africa, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

The spread betting company also offers a selection of Czech Republic (no shorting), Polish and Hungarian shares.

ETX Capital – Commodity Markets

ETX Capital
Gold Daily ETX Capital - Gold Daily
Gold Future ETX Capital - Gold Future
UK Oil Daily ETX Capital - UK Oil Daily
UK Oil Future ETX Capital - UK Oil Future
US Oil Daily ETX Capital - US Oil Daily
US Oil Future ETX Capital - US Oil Future
Other Commodities ETX Capital - More Commodities
The above spread betting markets may also be available with other companies.
Also see Comparison Table Notes.

ETX Capital also offers commodities spread bets on other markets including Copper, Corn, Cotton, Feeder Cattle, Heating Oil, Lean Hogs, Live Cattle, London Cocoa, London Sugar, Lumber, Natural Gas, Oats, Orange Juice, Palladium, Platinum, RBOB Gasoline (No Lead), Robusta Coffee, Rough Rice, Silver, Soybean, Soybean Meal, Soybean Oil, US Cocoa, US Sugar (no.11) and Wheat.

ETX Capital – Interest Rates Markets

ETX Capital
Euribor Future ETX Capital - Euribor Future
Eurodollar Future ETX Capital - Eurodollar Future
Euroswiss Future ETX Capital - Euroswiss Future
Short Sterling Future ETX Capital - Short Sterling Future
The above spread betting markets may also be available with other companies.
Also see Comparison Table Notes.

ETX Capital – Bonds Markets

ETX Capital
Bobl Future ETX Capital - Bobl Future
Bund Future ETX Capital - Bund Future
Gilt Future ETX Capital - Gilt Future
Schatz Future ETX Capital - Schatz Future
US Bonds 10 Year Future ETX Capital - US Bonds 10 Year Future
US Bonds 30 Year Future yes_18x18.png - US Bonds 30 Year Future
The above spread betting markets may also be available with other companies.
Also see Comparison Table Notes.

ETX Capital – Spread Betting

ETX also offer spread betting on a range of:

ETX Capital – Service

Because the focus at ETX Capital is on customer service and education, they have created a spread betting blog within their website where everyone can see up-to-date financial news that might affect their trading positions.

ETX Capital: Experts in financial spread betting, they also regularly Tweet the trading news to everyone who follows them. They allow Twitter followers to get in touch with the firm by sending a direct message to @ETXCapital if they want specific industry or market Tweets that they will find helpful.

Also ETX Capital’s Facebook page allows their fans to ‘Like’ them, request call backs, ask questions, see up-coming seminars and webinars and to generally find out more.

All of these methods add to the existing high levels of customer support ETX Capital provide via their customer services email and phone support. And naturally, for visitors to the website who sign up as clients the availability of educational resources and services is even greater.

ETX Capital CFD Trading

As well as financial spread betting, ETX Capital offer CFD trading from the same account. The ETX Capital CFD trading service offers investors:

  • One-click dealing
  • Advanced charts with 65+ technical indicators, a Backtesting module and option to create bespoke indicators
  • A wide array of markets
  • 24 hour CFD trading and customer services (from Sunday evening through to Friday evening)
  • The usual benefits of CFD trading such no Stamp Duty* and the option to speculate on markets to rise or fall

Contact ETX Capital
Phone: +44 (0) 20 7392 1400
Address: One Broadgate, London, EC2M 2QS.

ETX Capital Account

Apply for a ETX Capital Account

All trading involves risk. Losses can exceed deposits.

ETX Capital is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority: Financial Services Number 124721.

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