Live Spread Betting Prices

Live Spread Betting Prices
Most spread betting companies give their clients access to thousands of live prices.

Below, indicative stock market index, forex and commodities prices:

Live Charts

For live charts for hundreds of markets, please see our live spread betting charts page.

Live Stock Market Index Prices

Live Forex Prices

Live Commodities Prices

Firms that Provide Live Spread Betting Prices:

The following spread betting companies provide account holders‡ with live prices:

‡ Spread betting accounts are subject to terms and conditions.

Live Financial Spread Betting and CFD Prices

As mentioned above, most firms offer +1,000 markets.

There are a few prices above and these give a good guide to where the markets are currently trading.

To access more prices you probably need a spread betting account – note you can open an account and just not trade.

Prices for Obscure and Unpopular Markets

If you’re looking for a more obscure market then IG might be the best place to try, they normally have the most markets.

At the moment they have more than 10,000 markets, although a lot of those are individual equity markets.

Watch out when you do trade this minor markets though, they tend to have prohibitively wide spreads.

How to Use Spread Betting Prices

FTSE 100 Example

At the moment, the price of the FTSE 100 Rolling Daily market is 6010.0 – 6011.0 with spread trading companies such as Tradefair.

Like many major stock market indices, an investor can bet on the FTSE 100 either increasing or decreasing. With this FTSE 100 Rolling Daily market, investors can speculate on:

a) The FTSE 100 to increase higher than 6011.0, or
b) The FTSE 100 to decrease lower than 6010.0.

It should be noted that with the FTSE 100 market you trade in £X per point, where a point is 1 point of FTSE 100 movement. As a brief example, if you had a stake of £6 per point and the FTSE 100 index moves 5 points then you would see a change to your P&L of £30.

FTSE 100 Stock Market Index Trading Example

For example, let’s assume you see the live price on a spread betting website and it shows a spread of 6010.0 – 6011.0. So, having done your market research, you might feel that the FTSE 100 is going to go above 6011.0. As a result:
  1. You believe that the FTSE 100 should rise
  2. As a result, you choose to go long of, or buy, the market at 6011.0 and you risk £3 per point
  3. The index rises and so the spread changes to 6050.1 – 6051.1
  4. With the new price you could choose to take your profit and settle your position. In order to do this you would sell at 6050.1
  5. You bought the spread bet at 6011.0
  6. Profit = (Closing Price – Opening Price) x stake
  7. Profit = (6050.1 – 6011.0) x £3 per point stake
  8. Profit = 39.1 x £3 per point stake
  9. Profit = £117.30 profit
Spread trading does not always go to plan. If the trade didn’t work as planned, and had the FTSE 100 decreased in value, with the spread moving down to 5977.9 – 5978.9, then you could decide to close your position and prevent further losses. You would do this by selling at 5977.9.
  1. You bought the market at 6011.0
  2. Loss = (Closing Price – Opening Price) x stake
  3. Loss = (5977.9 – 6011.0) x £3 per point stake
  4. Loss = -33.1 x £3 per point stake
  5. Loss = -£99.30 loss
Please note that with a Rolling Daily Spread Bet if you Roll a bet over to the next day you may incur a charge or income for each day that the trade is continued. To learn more please read: Rolling Daily Spread Betting Charges.

(Spread trading prices accurate as of 10-Feb-11)

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