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Financial Spread Betting Charts
Candlestick charts are a useful way to represent many points of data instead of the single point one might find with a regular line graph. For trading, the points on the candlestick highlight the market high, low, opening and closing prices over a given time period.

The time period can usually be varied according to the lengths of time that an investor is considering trading over. So, for example, a day trader may require the points to be based over 5 minute intervals whereas a longer term investor may wish to see the chart where each candlestick represents an hour, day or week.

For a detailed guide on how to use candlestick charts and technical analysis, including moving averages, Bollinger bands and RSI, also see the financial spread betting guide to charts.

Live Chart

If you’d like a particular chart, use the following in the market field in the above chart.
  • Dow Jones – type ‘US30’
  • DAX 30 – type ‘GER30’
  • CAC 40 – type ‘FRA40’
  • Australia 200 (ASX) – type ‘AUS200’
  • Nikkei – type ‘JPN225’
  • S&500 – type ‘SPX500’
  • Etc.
For forex charts, just type:
You can also use the above chart for many other markets including:

Can’t Find a Chart?

If you are looking for a particular market but are having trouble finding it, try looking under ‘CFD’ (see image below).

These markets look very similar to the typical rolling/daily spread betting markets that most people trade.

Can't Find a Chart?

Candlestick Chart Explanation

Example Financial Spreads Candlestick Chart with RSI

Example Financial Spreads Chart with Ichimoku Cloud

Here there are several parts of the chart to take particular note of:

  • The market high for each period is denoted by the thin ‘wick’ at the top of the bar. Conversely, the market low for the period is shown by the ‘wick’ at the bottom of the bar.

  • The opening and closing values are indicated by the top and bottom of the main bar itself, however, depending on whether the market rose or fell, overall during the time period, either one can be at the top.

  • To make the distinction between a rise and a fall more obvious the bars found on Financial Spreads are coloured green, to indicate a net increase in price over the period, and red, to show net decrease. Candlestick charts offered by other spread betting companies are often coloured in a similar manner.

Spread Betting Charts

There are a number of companies which offer free candlestick charts to their clients. These are usually updated in real time for full trading accounts.

Charts can often be customised to your needs by changing the time of the candlestick, adding Moving Averages, Bolinger Bands, Ichimoku Clouds, MACDs, RSIs etc.

Companies that give clients candlestick charts:


Financial Spreads ETX Capital Spreadex IG City Index
Candlestick Charts? Financial Spreads Candlestick Charts? ETX Capital Candlestick Charts? Spreadex Candlestick Charts? IG Candlestick Charts? City Index Candlestick Charts?
The above spread betting services / markets may also be available with other companies. Also see spread betting comparison notes.

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